5 Reasons to visit London this spring!

London has always been a dream city for travelers! And why not, London houses everything for everyone. No matter whether you are flying to London for the first time or have come across the city earlier for many times, London has always new and exciting discoveries for you! From high rise skyscraper to world's greatest super malls and from the London Eye to the Big Ben Tower, everything is there to leave you stunned!

London in Spring!

And what makes it even exciting experience? Any Guesses? It's London is Spring! London is known to get decorative look all around city throughout the year for whatsoever reason but when it comes to celebrate life in spring, it becomes somewhat more exciting and enthralling. Best thing for visiting London in spring is during spring season, London – which is known to have most unpredictable weather around the year, becomes so moderate: Not too cold not too hot! This is the reason most international tourists, even those who are visiting London for the first time enjoy the tour at it best during this time.

It is even more special this year!

However, visiting London is always special for any tourist, visiting London during Spring 2012 and nearby time is even more special, you know the reason: Olympic 2012! London is hosting Olympic 2012 and it's not for the first time for London, the city is going to host the grand festival of sports for third time. Prior to 2012, it has hosted Olympics in 1908 and 1948 but many things have changed since then and this is why the whole world is exciting to see the big changes that London has witnessed during this revolutionary period. So why not have a look and fall in love with the rich and royal history of London city while you fly from Melbourne to London? If you are a sports lover, the season is probably the best for you! Because this is the time when the grand festival of sports will be ready to take place – The time of London Olympics 2012! Take a look at some of the must visit sports places in London.

Sports places to visit in London

London Olympic Park is one of the most amazing place to be at. This is the place where London Olympics 2012 are going to be held.

Another good place for sports lover is the Wimbledon – an epic and  historic, world-class tennis court which will host tennis matches during Olympics 2012.

Lord's Cricket Ground – the cricket's stadium which has rich heritage of cricket. This is the place with royal culture and sportsman spirit for the lovers of the game.

Wembley stadium also holds importance in the Olympics 2012 and hence it is like a must visit place for any visitor to the London city.

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