6 places to celebrate the Easter Weekend in Victoria

Easter. The time where we all get four glorious days in a row without work. Mankind is never really accustomed to experiencing a four-day weekend. Our guidance? Put one day of couch-bound bliss aside. Another one for all the chocolates. One more to see loved ones and reminisce about when you were a kid and how Easters were better then.


That leaves one valuable day of filling the car with Doritos and hitting the open road. Here is our guide to the best day trips this Easter from Melbourne.


Great Route from the Ocean

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The Great Ocean Road is the perfect day trip at any time in Melbourne, but you also have the Southern Hemisphere's premier surfing festival over Easter: The Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach.

Move on past Lorne to Apollo Bay for a pint at the Ocean Road Brewhouse if you want to beat the crowds. Or head inland to see the Grampians' best waterfalls (Triplet Falls and Erskine are our favs). You can skydive over the Great Ocean Road as well, or take this one-day road trip out of Melbourne.


Mornington Peninsula 

A peninsula where, like haughty dinosaurs, Land Rovers rule the earth and Lattes outnumber humans. But there is more to Mornington than simply helicoptering Portsea billionaires to their private beach houses. Take a ride to Max's at Red Hill Estate or the Mornington Peninsula Brewery if you're up for a decent lunch.



"All right, come for the gold, stay for the rush." That used to be the tourism hook for Bendigo, way back in the 19th century. But we're glad to say things have changed, and if you know where to look, the town now boasts a pretty sweet food and art scene.

Ranges of Dandenong


Head early to the 1000 Steps to avoid the crowds (hours can vary a little over the long break), then check out Olinda (for antiques) or Sassafras (for some well-deserved Ms Marple's scones, jam and tea).

If you hit a parking lot in one of these cities, protect it with your life. Dandenong's pro visitors will make a bee-line for the Alfred Nicholas Gardens or visit the Piggery Cafe.

High Country

High Country

One for the committed day-trippers. Hopefully, Victoria's High Country should soon be seeing some snow (Buller, Stirling, Thredbo, and Hotham all got lucky). Over the long weekend, there's a lot of Easter-themed goodness happening.

On Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm, the Easter Bunny will be looking for a coat at Falls Creek for their annual festival, Bright's having an Easter Market.

Spa Country

Spa Country

'Spa Country' is a catchall term for the parts around Daylesford, Macedon and Lerderderg State Park. Spa Country (hands down the best-named State Park of all time). You're missing out on it if you've never ventured this way: Spa Country's game of tea and scones is on point.

Many things are going on over Easter, but the main one is Bacchus Marsh's Easter Fest. Throughout the long weekend, the Chocolate Mill, just north of Daylesford, will also be open, dishing up a relatively obscene amount of chocolate eggs.

Wrapping Up

This Easter, if you're stuck around town, hot cross buns won't cut it. It would help if you had the right nourishment and an entertaining weekend. Over the long weekend, there is more available than the list we have provided; you can speak to our agents to know more.