A Tour to Red Fort: The Symbol of Mughal Magnificence!

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The Red Fort of IndiaDigging deep into the unforgettable past of India, one can get glimpses of the glorious and rich history the country enjoys. Memories of it are still alive and looking at the fine monuments and work of architecture that stands as the memorial, we get a clearer picture of India's enriching past.

Every state of the country is blessed with one or the other historic memorial and the capital city, Delhi boasts of possessing some of the excellent pieces of art and architecture. As you travel here booking flights to Delhi, you will have a number of historic monuments to pay a visit. However, among all, the one that's sure to leave you spellbound is the marvelous Red Fort.

The historic past

Built of red sandstone, Red Fort was the house of Mughal Emperors for a period of 200 years until year 1857 when the reigns were taken over by the British. And needless to say, the monument became the official residence of all the British Chancellors till India sought its freedom from their rule in 1947. The rule is over, but the fort still exudes charm of royalty and exuberance. Facts from the past state that Red Fort was built by emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1648 and was given the name “Red Fort” owing to the red coloured stone it was built of. The innovative architectural style of this monument, which even included a garden design, later inspired the architecture at Rajasthan, Kashmir, Braj etc. 

The Architecture

On your tour to India, you just can't miss on paying a visit to this incredible place. Booking flights to Delhi, you can reach here in no time. Once here, the architecture will leave you in sheer surprise and delight. It has an area of 254.67 acres that is fully enclosed by defensive walls up to 2.41 km. It is octagonal in shape and is beautified with marble and floral decorations along with double domes. 

The Fort at present

Being the largest monument in the city, it is the highly popular tourist destination and people come here in large number booking the easy flights to Delhi. Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag every year at the fort on Independence Day i.e August 15. It is open for public and once you get here booking flights to Delhi, you will find yourself surrounded with a splendid work of art. The fort has huge gardens, walkways blooming with a variety of flowers, a modern day tea house operating as a restaurant, museums and a lot more.

It's indeed a building rich in expression, colour and style. To preserve it for posterity, the building has been designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do explore the monument as you tour the place booking flights to Delhi!

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