Bahá'í house of worship - a visual spectacle of Delhi!

Delhi being the seat of power and the capital of India also connects people of various sects and beliefs in one thread. One of the landmark place showing harmony is the lotus shaped Bahá'í  temple. One of its kind of monument, it is an architectural wonder. With a gigantic size and lotus petalled sky high structure, the place is a popular tourist attraction. Next time when you book flights to Delhi, make sure Bahá'í house should be on your travel list.

Highlights of Bahá'í house, Delhi:

  • Fondly called the Lotus temple, this building can accommodate 2,500 people at one time. 
  • The architecture involves nine sided circular structure. 
  • The house of worship does not have any statues or pictures. 
  • Made up of white marble, the structure also has nine ponds surrounding it. 
  • Located in the village of Bahapur, it spreads across 26 acres of land. 
  • Daily visited by 8,000 to 10,000 people.
  • Ideal place for symbolising communal harmony and spiritual elevation. 

The renowned temple once crossed the number of visitors visiting Eiffel tower and Taj Mahal. Visited by more than 50 million people since its inception, the Bahá'í house is a famous tourist destination. The architects of the building have won several national and international awards for creating this visual spectacle. The place is eye pleasing and tranquil making this building one of the most visited places in Delhi. Book flights to Delhi for taking a look at this wonder!

To sum up, while you plan a vacation to Delhi by booking cheap flights to Delhi, you must visit this superlative form of architecture. Offering prayers for the well being of entire humanity in this very special place gives an alleviating feeling. Prayers are done four times a day and last nearly 5 minutes. Chantings from diverse religions are done at the prayer time. So, leverage this chance of praying for all the beings by being at Bahá'í temple when you visit Delhi, India.