Beautiful Beaches of India

India known as cultural and traditional country of the world has already attracted millions of world tourists to its century old temples, monuments and other historic places. But on the other hand, india has a number of beautiful beaches where you get piece of mind and can relive your holidays. Here’s the brief note about some of the most beautiful beaches of India.

Juhu Beach of Mumbai

Just awesome! That’s what you say when you encounter its beauty at your first sight! The juhu’s beach in Mumbai is probably india’s most beautiful beach and attracts highest number of visitors per day. World famous for its street food such as bhelpuri and chaat, juhu beach has also a temple known as ISKCON temple. Moreover, the beach has also got a number of five star hotels.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

If you want to have double joy on the sea shore, Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is the place to be. Apart from enjoying beach life, you can also enjoy many water sports here and so this is the best place to play water games including water scooter, sailing, skiing, surgfing, boat trip etc. The Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is the best beach of Gujarat State of India.

Varkala Beach of Kerala

Varkala beach is the coolest beach of southern India which is located near to trivendum city in the state of Kerala. The great place to get complete piece of mind, this beach is capable of taking your breath away. The stunning beauty of the beach is sure to kill all your tensions!

Beach of Mahabalipuram

Beach of Mahabalipuram is located near Chennai city of south india. The beach is full of sun, sand and sea and offers you never ending fun. Rock solid sculptures around the city of this beach add some excitement to the already excited visitors!

Anjuna Beach

The Heaven on the sea shore! This is how Anjuna beach can be described best! Having beautiful florescent trees and non-stop parties, this beach has always been a favorite spot for party lovers around the world! Situated in the Hub of Beach of India – Goa. The main attraction of this beach is the parties being arranged and enjoyed here around the year. You can fly to india by catching flight to delhi or flight to mumbai or any other low cost budget airlines to india.