Book cheap flights to London - visit the modish English capital

London is famous for fashion, art, culture, education, entertainment, healthcare, media, tourism and a lot more. The scenic view of this urban city are appealing and compels people to visit this beautiful destination. People from across the globe buy cheap flights to London in order to visit the paradisical beauty of London.

The most visited and 'not to miss' destinations of London can be jotted down as follows:

Tower of London: One of the most popular landmark, the Tower of London appeals one and all. Historic to the core, this tower hosts some of the most valuable stuff from ancient times. Located near the Thames river, the tower abodes ancestral things like crown jewels, Sir Walter Raleigh's prison, Royal Armories and the Chapel of St. John. Famed as the bloody tower, this fascinating & mysterious place drives people to take its visit by booking cheap flights to London.

British Museum: A huge museum that demands a map to direct the visitor for an entire visit. The assistance of a guide or apps on the smartphones would help you roam around the whole museum. Without any guidance it is difficult to spot some of the most astonishing things in this historic place. It is a 'must watch' place in London as it gives you the flavour of great exhibitions, collections, shops, art suggesting the world culture and more.

The London Eye: A giant Ferris wheel near the Thames river, this structure attracts children and elders towards taking a ride on it. Eye pleasing and captivating in appearance the gigantic structure is 135 metres tall and 120 metres in diameter. You can spend whatever you have saved by booking cheap flights to London in buying tickets for this ride. The rides lend an enthralling experience.

The Shard: Opened to public on 1st Feb 2013, this is the tallest building in the entire European Union. Second tallest free standing structure in UK, the Shard is a glass clad pyramid shaped tower. When you take a view of London from this building, you can actually see up to 64 kilometres of the London city. So, when you visit London this time, just take a panoramic view of the city from the Shard!

To visit all these beautiful destinations which will drive you crazy, you have to plan your trip in advance. Starting from booking cheap flights to London to hiring cab or travel agents, it takes a lot of planning. Browse best London Tourism agents, get detailed information and have a gala vacation in London!