Buddha Jayanti: The Glory and Charisma of Nepal!

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Be a part of Buddha Jayanti and treasure the divine enlightenment!

Buddha Purnima, also addressed as Buddha Jayanti Festival happens to be the most blessed day in the Buddhist calendar. It is the major festival of the Buddhists all over the world.

Though Buddhists consider every full moon as revered, however; the moon of Vaisakh/Baisakh month that occurs in April - May has a very special implication. It was on this day that Buddha was born, attained illumination, and Nirvana. Nepal, where Buddhism is the main religion, Buddha Jayanti is celebrated with great fun and joy.

People all over the world book flights to Kathmandu just to be part of this heavenly festival. Every year the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and the preparation for the same is done on a large scale.

The Celebration

On this day, Buddhist Pilgrims from every corner of the world book flights to Kathmandu and come to Bodh Gaya in Nepal. The day is manifest with various prayer meets, orations on the life and span of Gautam Buddha, spiritual discourses, continuous recital of Buddhist scriptures, group contemplation, parades, worship of Buddha’s statue and symposia.

To commemorate the special day, people relish kheer, rice made in milk and sugar, which is even hsared with the poor.


  • Many birds are set free from cages. Sick and poor are provided with clothes and eatables. Buddhists abstain from eating meat.
  • The Bodhi tree is honored with its branches being embellished with garlands and colourful flags.
  • The Buddhists cleanse and wear white clothes only.
  • They even reiterate their belief in the major five principles known as Panchsheel.

This year, the grand day is to be celebrated on May 14. If you too wish to be a part of this celebration, book the early flights to Kathmandu and get to experience the divinity!

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