Celebrate Holi (festival of colours) in your hometown

Do you want to soak yourself in the spirit of celebration? Then visit India or Nepal in the month of March to celebrate the festival of Holi. Holi is the festival of colours which is celebrated across India & Nepal especially in places like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, Kathmandu etc.
If you are travelling from Melbourne to Nepal or India you can also contact travel agencies to help you in booking flights, book hotels & accommodation, arrange hire vehicles and give detailed information about landmark places where Holi is celebrated.
Talking about Holi, the festival has spiritual significance like every Indian & Nepalese festival does. It signifies the victory of Divine over evil.

There is also a ritual of 'Holi Dahan' which consists of burning the holy fire. Coconuts, dates, popcorns and other stuff are made in this fire. According to the Hindu religion, essence of this ritual is to offer all our good and bad deeds into the fire of Divine love. The festival will leave you awestruck with its rituals and celebrations. To be a part of this fresh, effervescent festival all you need to do is be in India in March. Book flights to Mumbai or Rajasthan and experience the magic of colours, music and dance.
In India Vrindavan is one of most important place to celebrate Holi. Celebrated everywhere in homes and temples of Vrindavan, the festival will show you the true spirit of Indian festivals. In temples, Holi is celebrated by singing bhajans of Krishna and pouring gulal and colours on the devotees. This festival is loved  by people of genres - from children to elders. They all throw colours at each other, become a part of 'Holi Dahan' plus eat dates and popcorns on this occasion. There is an aura of devotion in all temples of Vrindavan in this festive time.
Visit Vrindavan to sing and dance in the glory of Lord, to experience the joy of throwing colours at each other and get drenched in the festivities. For all this first plan your trip well, research about Holi and book flights to Mumbai. So, come to India in the month of march and celebrate Holi in the pristine environment of Vrindavan.