Comfortable hotels and accommodation of Colombo

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The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a mix of cosmopolitan culture and state of the art colonial architecture. Seems like a distinct entity of Sri Lanka, Colombo sports diversity in terms of traditions, religions and population. This forward thinking place has urban environment compared to the otherwise traditional aura of Sri Lanka. To get an insight of the place you must plan a visit from Melbourne to Colombo.

Attractions and activities of Colombo: 

Pettah shopping place: The most crowdy place of Colombo, this is a perfect destination for shopping. Roaring with people the place sets perfect example of the commercial place with narrow streets spread across the whole area. Each street sells specific item making it a well organised shopping place. 

Galle Face Green: This is an area where friends meet, fly kites, eat, watch sunset, dine, have delicious mango cocktails and have fun. This grassy plane hosts mobile food carts, snack zones and other eateries. The most famous is Galle Face Green hotel catering mouth watering Sri Lankan delicacies on the seafront lawn.

Dehiwala Zoo: On your trip from Melbourne to Colombo, you must check out this southern suburb of Dehiwala. The Zoo at this place is home to wide range of animals and birds. Check out the local animals in this zoo of Dehliwala and don't forget to take some native snaps.

Kelaniya: The Kelaniya suburb on the north eastern part of Colombo hosts the most revered Buddhist temples. A stupa signifying last three visits of Buddha is a place of worship for many Buddhists and a popular tourist attraction. On your trip from Melbourne to Colombo, you must visit this tranquil place. 

These places should not be missed on your visit to Colombo. So, this vacation pack you bags and head straight to Colombo.




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