Escape into the religious ecstasy on a trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu!

Kathmandu in Nepal has turned up to be a prime destination among the tourists across the globe given its implausible culture and artistic legacy. Nepal has given immense importance to religion and owing to the same; three prime religious sights out here namely Swayambunath, Boudhanath and Pashupatinath are a sight not to be missed! Let us discuss these places in depth and see how you can experience some divinity on a trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu. Here we go:


It is the oldest Buddhist temple situated in the Kathmandu Valley. It has several temple buildings that are covered with colourful drawings and statues. To reach the stupa, you will have to climb 365 stone steps. The ambience around the stupa is inconceivable and filled with an air of power and pleasure. Make sure your trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu comprises of this wonderful place. 


Boasting of a Tibetan Buddhist monument that has a diameter of 100m, it happens to be one of the largest stupas in the world. It is among the prime highlights of travelling in Nepal. The monument is bordered by Tibetan refugees known as 'Little Tibet'. There are many souvenir shops and restaurants here which make this the perfect place to have lunch with a view of the grand stupa.


Here the Hindus come to honour Shiva in the form of Pashupati, an Animal God. Non-Hindus however, are not permitted to enter the temple. But you can still have a view of it if you cross the Bagmati River and book a seat on the stairs. From there you can view the ghats, the custom bathing and cremation locations. There are many sadhus found here who are nomadic Hindus and have rejected the cast system. They don’t abide by normal traditions.

All the three places are rich with divinity and a visit there is sure to satisfy you spiritually. The whole ambience will take you by surprise and a great pleasure. So are you set to escape into this ecstasy on a trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu!

The top three religious sites to be explored on a trip to Kathmandu!