Experiencing Spirituality on a Trip to Mumbai!

Mumbai is one city which is known for its unique way of living. One of the densely populated cities of India, the place is called the “City of Dreams”. And it certainly has all the needed qualities to be addressed as one.

The city is always on the run where people are moving ahead of time to achieve their dreams and make it big in life. Every heart that dreams, longs to be here to transform them all into realities. A trip to the city is certainly worth. But if you thought Mumbai is all about clubs, parties, busy cosmopolitan life or the colourful and enchanting Bollywood, then you sure need to explore the other side of the city.

Booking easy flights to Mumbai, you can even satisfy your spiritual needs. Yes, this modern city has immense place for faith, and spirituality dwells in every heart. It's a place where you will find people hailing from different caste and community. Despite the wide difference, they stay together, and take part in every religious festivity. If you are planning to book flights to Mumbai and want to see some divine places, then the following list is sure to help you out:

Laxminarayan Temple at Hughes Road (Laxmi): This temple is said to be around 130 years old but looking at its marble flooring and idol, you'll never be able to guess its age. It's old glory is brought into fore because of the old gate and carving on the balcony.

Jain temple at Walkeshwar: Nearly 103 year old, this temple is dedicated to the first tirthankara. It's a swetambara temple and is a two storeyed, lavishly decorated building.

Guruvayur near Matunga Railway Station: Dedicated to lord Vishnu, this temple is also known as Kocchuguruvayoor and is located in Mumbai's Matunga that has a South Indian touch.

Afghan church - Colaba (Jesus): Hailing from the British colonial rule, this church was built in the memory of soldiers who lost their lives during the two Afghan wars.

This is just a small part of a big canvas and you can explore them all booking the early flights to Mumbai. So, make it soon!