Give Your Taste Buds the Yummy Flavour of Gujarati Cuisine!

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Other than a colourful and vibrant culture, Gujarat is extremely famous for its delicacies. The dishes cooked out here are famous cross borders and are relished by many across the globe. On a visit to this beautiful state, you just can't miss to taste the foods and give your taste buds a new flavour to savour.

And when it is about the cultural capital of Gujarat, i.e. Ahmedabad, foods take a twist of tradition and flavour. If you are planning to book flights to Ahmedabad, then today we are going to introduce you to some of the highly popular dishes to be tried out here. Have a look:


While one calls Dhokla an essential part of the Gujarati food, it has now become one of the most eaten of all the fast foods across India. You can easily get to relish this yellow, cheesecake like, rectangular, and alluring food item made out of gram flour in every corner of the city. It is usually served with a sweet and sour chutney, dressed with fresh coriander leaves and black mustard seeds. You are sure to savour the taste for long. It should be the first dish to be tried once you tour the city booking flights to Ahmedabad.


Sweets and Gujarat have a special connection, like its people; the dishes too carry a sweetness one can't resist. And a Gujarati thali will always stay incomplete until it is dressed with Basundi. It's a thick and creamy dessert that's made of milk stirred to its thickest best. Sprinkled with pistachios, cashew, almond and saffron, it's a sweet dish that will make you feel like heaven. Don't miss to savour it while you travel the city booking flights to Ahmedabad.


It is another of a Gujarati snack that’s loved by all. Made of gram flour and turmeric, it appears quite like a thin sheet. It’s savoured with special fafda chutney made of yogurt, gram flour, black salt, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, coriander leaves, mint and other essential Indian spices.


Famous as a delicious tea time snack, Khandvi forms an indispensable part of Gujarati cuisine. A little  sweet in taste, it is yellow in colour and is made of curd, and gram flour. It is garnished to perfection with sprinkled mustard seeds.

Whenever you plan touring the city booking flights to Ahmedabad, make sure that you get to taste all of these food items.

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