Himachal Pradesh - Land of pilgrimage, adventure and wild life

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parashar-lake-himachal-pradeshBeing the northern most state of India, Himachal Pradesh is a complete eye candy with snowy mountain ranges, lush green forests, refreshing scenic beauty, roaring water falls, turquoise lakes, blazing glaciers, meadows, adventure spots and places of pilgrimage. With numerous temples and monasteries the state is fondly called as 'Land of Gods'.
A famous tourist destination of India, Himachal is an oasis of natural beauty catering a heavenly feel to the visitors. For enjoying this wonderful place, you can book cheap flights to India and get enveloped in this snow studded destination. With sundry geographical topography and cosy climate the place is one of the finest tourist places of India.
Stuffed with places of adventure, pilgrimage and wild life, it has something in store for everyone. Para gliding, skiing, river rafting, balloon riding and para sailing are for adventure freaks. Wild life lovers can take a look at Renuka, Chail, Simbalbara and other wild life sanctuaries of HP. So, when you book cheap flights to India rest assured that there is plenty for you to explore.
To enjoy the live thrill of wild life you can take animal safaris and be in close proximity with tiger, leopards and can spot rarest species of birds. The great Himalayan national park, Maharana Pratap sagar sanctuary, Manali, Churdhar and Daranghati are other famed wild life reserves of Himachal. The thrill and charm of forests can be truly noticed and enjoyed in this place.
Himachal has been blessed with abundance! By booking cheap flights to India, you can take a dip into this multifaceted and effervescent north Indian state. Shopping for handicrafts and woollens would make you crazy with the 'N' number of varieties that this place offers. So, just book cheap flights to India and dive in the beauty of this wonderful state of India.
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