India on wheels – check out the finest mountain trains of India

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India is a multifaceted country with cultural and geographic diversity. Renowned for its tourist attractions and hospitality, the country is a famed luxury holiday spot. Fantasised by travellers from across the globe, this place is a mixed bag of beautiful locales, fascinating bio diversity and warm hearted people. To reach this mesmerising country, contact your travel agent and book cheap flights to India at the earliest. Trains are an added fascination here and the finest way to watch India is on wheels. 

Some of the most famous mountain trains of India are as follows: 

Shimla toy train: The northern hill station of Shimla can be best seen through a toy train which crosses 107 tunnels in a journey stretching from Kalka to Shimla. You will have an exhilarating journey amidst the picturesque views and lofty arched bridges. Covering a distance of 96 kilometres on a broad gauge line within six hours is truly heart warming and enthralling.

Nilgiri mountain railway: This narrow gauge line is stretched across 46 kilometres and covers a path from Mettupalayam to Ooty. Passing through plains, forests, hills and eye captivating views the trip surely gives a memorable experience. Passing through 16 tunnels and many bridges the train trip lends a fantastic feel to be noted in your travel diary. 

Matheran pass: The journey from Neral to Matheran can be best enjoyed on a toy train. The 77 year old line offers scenic vistas and clear plains which are a delight for the eyes. An absolutely peaceful retreat, this is trip will leave you speechless with astonishing natural surroundings. Taking a time of 1 and ½ hours, the train ride takes place only between sunrise and sunset. Book cheap flights to India for this short train trip from Neral to Matheran!

Darjeeling: This two feet gauge toy train covers 86 kilometres and connects New Jailpaiguri and Dargeeling. It caters an uninterrupted view of the Himalayas and takes around 7 and ½ hours of time. You must book cheap flights to India to cherish this adventure and for the breath taking views of the Himalayan mountain ranges. 

All you travel freaks who like to see India at a slow pace should choose train journey. This would not only give you relaxing time but would be the best way to romance India. So, this spring, chart out a plan to visit India on wheels by taking some time off to visit this beautiful country through luxury trains. Hurry and book cheap flights to India now!! 

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