Janaki Mandir - pilgrimage site in Terai plains

Janaki-temple-NepalNepal sports a strong base of religion with numerous historic places of pilgrimage. One of the famous places is Janaki Mandir situated in Janakpur. Believed to be in existence for more than 12,000 years this place is renowned as the birthplace of goddess Sita, consort of Lord Rama. Located in south central Nepal, the temple is a significant pilgrimage destination in Terai plains.

One of its kind of temple, it houses sixty rooms and is the biggest temple in Nepal. Constructed in 1874 the temple with superlative architecture can be visited by booking cheap flights to Kathmandu. The three storey temple also has a beautiful garden and vivah mandap (wedding courtyard). Legend says that in 1657 a golden statue of goddess Sita was found here proving the mythology that she lived here.

Janakpur is a suburb and oozes semi rural charm with exotic Terai flora and fauna. Tales suggest that it is  the place where Lord Rama and Janaki(another name for Sita) met for the first time and fell in love at first site.

Tourist details of the place:

Transport: 390 Km from Kathmandu, the best way to reach here is by booking cheap flights from Melbourne to Kathmandu.  40 minutes flight to Janakpur from Kathmandu is the best alternative when you want to save time for reaching the exact location. Or else hopping on bus is also a great idea but costs 10 more hours.

Time of visit: You can book cheap flights to Kathmandu any time between October to March which are the months of favourable weather. June to August is rainy time and slack phase in travel sphere. Here, Ram Navami is celebrated in October while Vivah Panchami signifying the wedding of Ram-Sita is celebrated in November. Falgun purnima and Maghe Sankranti are celebrated in Feb and Jan respectively.

Food and accommodation: Tasty Indian delicacies and sweets are available in Janakpur. Vegetarian food is predominant here. To find stay facilities is not tough here as you will find budget to luxury hotels in Janakpur and Dhanushdham suburbs.

Places in the vicinity: Dhanushdham temple is 18 Km away from Janakpur. Surrounded by beautiful forest, ponds bushes and trees it is a renowned picnic spot. Parashuram Kunda is a serene lake with floating lotus flowers in the Dhanushdham complex.

Picturesque and simple, the place is crowded by thousands of visitors and devotees who pay homage every year. For its architectural beauty and historical significance, it is one of the most famous places of pilgrimage. To be here, book cheap flights to Kathmandu and don't forget your camera to capture the best of Janakpurdham!