Kathmandu: The Temple's valley!

Kathmandu: The Temple’s valley in the mountain range!

Kathmandu is the national capital of Nepal is fully loaded with the highest mountain range in the world. The extreme neighbor to world famous Himalaya, Kathmandu depicts the mirror image of Himalaya in itself. This calm, peaceful and lonely mountain range valley fits perfectly in the series of tourism pro destination. So why not visit Kathmandu these holidays! If you are one of those who are packing their baggage to catch the Flight to Kathmandu, then this article seems to be a perfect guide on what to see in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Valley – The city of temples!

Kathmandu is the national capital of Nepal, but that’s not for what it is known. It hasthe fabulous, ancient and exotic temples in the city. Apart from its temples, Kathmandu has very special place in the epic time and holds special place in the ancient believes which have been mentioned many times in Hindu mythologies.


•    Kasthamandap – This wonderful wooden temple has given Kathmandu its name. In the Sanskrit language Katha means Wood, and Mandapa means House. Thus the name Kathmandu has been derived from the name of this temple. This temple is said to be made in the 1596 A.D.


•    Ashok Binayak – This ancient temple is very well known as one of the most important Ganesha Shrines. There is a belief behind the construction of this temple. Before this temple was built, at the very same place was the Ashoka tree in which god resided. Once a king dreamt of the god who asked him to build a temple over there for this god. The tree was cut and the temple was built. When the construction of the temple was about to complete and at the time of workers about to put the pinnacle to the temple, the king again dreamt of the god where he was told to put the shrine pinnacle less so that god can travel through the roof of the temple. Hence the pinnacle was not put on the temple and today, the temple looks unique when compared to others.


•    SwoyambhuStupa – This fabulous Buddhist temple is situated in the top side of a hill of West Side in the city. This one of the very popular temple is also known as the Monkey Temple since a large tribe of monkeys guards the area. This Stupa (the Buddhist temple) is surrounded by many other famous temples. The stupa has got the Thunderbolt also called Vajra which was built by the king Malla.


•    PasupatiNath – Doubtlessly this is the most famous and world renowned temple of Nepal. The PasupatiNath temple located on the banks of Begamati River. In front of the temple, there is a Bull facing towards the temple.

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