Long Weekend Getaways

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Rye Front beach/foreshore
Distance from Melbourne CBD – 92.9km
On a warm sunny day, what can be better than soaking some sun and swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of Rye front beach?
  • This beach has miles of clear shallow water and soft white sand
  • Since the water is pretty shallow, it is the perfect spot to chill with your kids and doggos and to go sailing
  • The pier and the number of sandbars protect the beach from tides and make the spot ideal for swimming.
For overnight stay – there are some camping grounds around, closest one – Rye foreshore camping
Sorrento Back beach
Distance from Melbourne CBD – 109km
  • There are various rock pools in this beach on a low tide day
  • These pools aren’t just puddles, they are beautiful swimming pools created by mother nature
  • These pools have crystal clear turquoise water
  • The ocean beach at the back of the pools has high tides, which makes it ideal for surfing
  • A great place to relax with family
For overnight stay – there are some camping grounds around, closest one – Sorrento foreshore camping
Cape Woolamai
Distance from Melbourne CBD – 129 km
  • Walk along the sheer cliff tops of Phillip Island's most southerly point and be rewarded with superb panoramas of the island
  • Cape Woolamai is the highest point on Phillip Island and is also the largest shearwater rookery (mutton birds)
  • There are different walking tracks
    • Pinnacles walk – distance - 4km, time – 2 hours return
    • Old Granite Quarry Walk – distance - 6km, time – 3 hours return
    • Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk – distance – 6.6 km, time – 3.5 hours return
For overnight stay – there are some camping grounds around, closest one – Amaroo Holiday Park
Wilson’s Prom
Distance from Melbourne CBD – 226 km
  • The big drift is a hidden gem in Wilson’s Prom - explore the vast inland sand dunes of The Big Drift, a great spot for sunsets and for stargazing
  • Visit squeaky beach, where the sand actually squeaks when you step on it
  • Drive around and explore the gorgeous beaches of Wilson’s Prom
  • Hike to the summit of Mount Oberon and enjoy the dazzling views
For overnight stay – there are some camping grounds around, closest one – Tidal River Campground
Hobart, Tasmania (3/2 Day Trip)
Distance from Melbourne CBD – 720km
Overnight journey on Spirit of Tasmania cruise; hire a car in Hobart/take your own car
Day 1 (Saturday)
  • Discover the historic parts of Hobart, explore Salamanca market (Happens only on Saturdays)
  • Enjoy the whiskey tastings at Australia’s leading distilleries
  • Drive to Mount Wellington by afternoon (16.1 km from Salamanca Market) and enjoy the views and sunset
Day 2
  • Head to Bruny island,
  • Go around the island on a ferry (pre-book the ferry)
  • Enjoy the incredible views of nature and wildlife, which includes stunning rock formations, blow holes, seals, dolphins and more
Day 3
Option 1
  • Go to Moana – art museum , they have exquisite pieces of art
  • Chill and unwind in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden
  • Take a flight back (Flight duration – 1 hour 15 min to Melbourne)
Option 2 

        Head to wineglass bay (188km from Hobart) 

  • Has many walking tracks
  • Number of walking tracks, great views!
  • Wineglass bay has been named one of the “Top 10” beaches of the world

      Drive back to Hobart and take your flight back! (Flight duration – 1 hour 15 min to Melbourne)

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