Lose your senses in the garden of five senses, Delhi

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Delhi, the capital of India has much to offer to your eyes and senses. Its pleasing weather, metropolitan streets, heritage buildings, political nexus and historical background makes it an interesting place to visit. This vacation, check out flights to Delhi and plan a good trip to this city of benevolent people. You will find that its enjoyable at every moment and offers a good mix of traditional & modish India.

Talking about places to visit in Delhi, it is quite a mixed bag of heritage and public places. Of all one of the most remarkable places in Delhi is the garden of senses. Developed by Delhi tourism, this huge public place is spread across 20 acres. Perfect to unwind and socialise, the garden offers leisure space to the people of this busy city.

Following highlights of the garden will take your breath away:

  • Situated in Said-Ul-Azaib village near Mehrauli heritage in New Delhi, the garden has spectacular sights displaying a wide variety of architectural beauty, sculptures, floral plants etc.
  • Divided into distinct areas the garden has something to please all your five senses. On one side, there is Mughal style garden called Khas Bagh while on the other sides there are slow moving water cascades which ooze an expression of suppleness.
  • The central axis has series of fountains lit by fibre optic lighting system for a vibrant feel at night. On the sides of the garden there are food courts for all you borne appetites.
  • Rocky ridges in the north with stainless steel sculptures make this place an eye catcher. Neel Bagh, another captivating area with water lilies, pergols and other plants of different accents brings stillness in the eyes and mind.

Comforting all the five senses, the garden is a landmark of Delhi. On your vacation, while checking the list of places to visit in Delhi you must not miss out on this man made wonder. Book cheap flights to Delhi this season and chart out a plan for visiting this wonderful place. Other highlights of the place include amphitheatre with sandstone seats, nature walk area, sculptures and much more to pen down.

To conclude, this vacation while booking flights to Delhi, make sure you have plan to visit the garden of five senses. You will find absolute peace as its design, architecture and aura are made to calm down the senses and enhance sensitivity to the environment. So, be there in Delhi and enjoy this artistic place!

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