Low cost budget airlines - fewer comforts with reduced fares

When you have shrunken budget and you have to travel within fewer bucks then low cost budget airlines are the ideal choice. These airlines offer cost effective ticket charges compared to their contemporaries and in return take away few of the comforts catered during your journey. The idea is simple no company would like to incur loses by catering all the services at lower air fares.

Good side of low cost budget airlines are as follows:

There is a positive side to the low cost carriers and that is you save up on a lot of money. They give less services but for short journey you don't even need all the amenities. So, why to unnecessarily invest into costly flight options. So, if you don't like to splurge money then these are the finest choice.

Another important part is that these carriers have more number of flights. Thus, you have more options for flying and don't have to wait like in case of regular flights which saves you a lot of time. These are believed to start on time without any sort of delay saving more of your time.

While travelling to shorter distances, prefer low cost budget airlines as these often have maximum destination coverage giving you more choices for travel. Also, the turn around time of these flights is low which again saves you for unnecessary wait at the airport.

The bad side of low cost carriers:

  • Obvious to the hilt, you get least comforts when you travel in these air crafts. Lower facilities compared to their competitors is because of the cheaper prices. So, when if you can manage with some shortcomings then only these flights will do good for you.
  • Baggage charges are a big disappointment in these flights. By any means if you have to carry something extra then you will be charged with the fees. In fact, even common services like reserved seat and other on board services are being charged.
  • Point to point flight does not help in passenger being transferred to other flights. Again, if you are late in checking in you will definitely miss the flight. This is another flip side of low cost budget airlines.

To conclude, low cost carriers are suitable only if you have to travel for shorter distance and are certainly not an alternative to cheap flights. Depending on individual requirements, you can go for it only if the inconvenience is convenient for you!