Low cost budget airlines - high on flight, light on pocket

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Flying to distant places was considered rich man's cup of tea because of the high air fares. But with the advent of low cost budget airlines things have become easy for everyone. The emergence of budget airlines took place in 1980s when USA launched first of its kind of these airlines. Gradually followed by the rest of the world this phenomenon spread internationally with 70 airlines now.
Low Cost Airlines to Save MoneyAustralian soil tasted these airlines in 1990s. Then onwards there is an overwhelming response from all corners of this continent. There has been a surge of passengers who like to travel fast at pocket friendly rates. Naturally, low cost budget airlines are growing at a rocket speed. Australia is a huge nation with distant places making budget airlines an instant hit.
Some more reasons for the popularity of Budget airlines:
Wonderful air travel: The prime reason is that the passengers get to experience wonderful air travel. Low cost budget airlines offer high quality air travel at affordable cost. This reason is enough to add to the inflated popularity of such airlines.
Pocket friendly: As the name suggests these airlines offer travel at cost effective fares. Obvious to the hilt, such opportunities would increase the customer base without any extra publicity. People are drawn towards this form of travel for the norms of convenience at reasonable rates.
Outstanding attraction: The budget airlines sector has heavy competition. To stay in the competition, special deals and outstanding attractions are offered. Tickets at cheapest rates and free tickets are provided frequently to entice customers making it a win-win situation for both.
Vacation packages: For families planning a trip, low cost budget airlines offer various vacation packages. This feature gives families a good chance to spend vacation at affordable travel expense. Australian families love this part of budget airlines and thus opt for them.
Point to point service: Budget airlines provide point to point services without halts. This is time saving and a great option for frequent travellers. Businessmen who are pressed with time opts for these airlines for this particular reason. Thus, these airlines attract people from all walks of life.
Moreover, airlines which cost equivalent to train travel or sometimes less than that is loved by one and all. Thus, low cost budget airlines are a favourite across the globe for numerous genuine and customer friendly reasons.


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