Must to be tried foods on a visit to Delhi!

Delhi Food MarketThe capital city of India, Delhi has something for everyone and its culture precisely represents Delhi's diverse and unmatched history including the north Indian, Mughal, and British influences and that's why Delhi is klnown as the capital of culture, history and politics of India!
This diversity in cultures as experienced by Delhi has resulted in an extensive cuisine where the dishes boast of complementary flavours and textures.

The food served in Delhi is also one of the prime reasons behind the high rate of tourism. The number of flights to Delhi have made the journey quite comfortable and affordable as well. Booking cheap flights to Delhi, you can not only get closer to Delhi's culture but also treat your taste buds to some mouth watering delicacies. Here check out the top must-try food on a visit to Delhi:

Parathas: Indians are crazy about their bread. And parathas show the maximum versatility among all other options. They are either served with ghee or stuffed with ingredients as potato, onion, cheese and many others. Whatever the form is, this unleavened flatbread can complement every meal.

Gol Gappa: These are literally omnipresent in India as you will find vendors selling gol gappa in every street of an Indian city. But in Delhi, which is known for its Chaat-corners, you have vendors selling them up left and right. These crispy, bite-sized puri are generally stuffed with potatoes, spicy water, tamarind, mint chutneys, onions, and in some cases chickpeas. You can't refrain from eating more after tasting one!

Butter chicken: Full of fragrance, butter chicken is a soul warming dish. Strangely, butter chicken derives its buttery texture from the garlic, ginger, and garam masala rich yogurt marinade along with its creamy tomato gravy. The chicken is cooked in a tandoor oven (used by the Mughals who ruled Delhi during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries). It goes best with basmati rice and naan.
Kulfi: If you have booked flights to Delhi in summers then nothing can help you beat the heat except for a kulfi. This frozen treat is available in various flavours including saffron, rose, mango and pistachio.

Jalebi: Looking for a savoury dessert? Treat yourself with piping hot jalebis. These twisted, funnel cake-shaped, orange coloured crispy structures are filled with warm and sweet syrup simply exceptional as compared to any other dessert.

Book cheap flights to Delhi and fill your platter with the above mentioned delicious food items and please your taste buds!