Nepal and its wonders: The exceptional beauty it holds!

Diversity has stood up as the prime factor behind the vast growth of tourism in Nepal, which is bordered by India and China. Blessed with natural beauty, this hilly country has been attracting people from across the globe.
Every year plenty of tourists come here and enjoy the charisma of Mother Nature. Other than the beauty it has, the natives here possess great humility and their friendly behaviour helps the tourists enjoy their stay in a comfortable manner. A trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu can always be rejuvenating. Here we have got for you a small list of Nepal’s Wonders that will surely make you plan a trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu. Let’s have a look:

  • Mount Everest: This is the prime attraction that draws in many people here. The very thought to seeing the world’s tallest mountain peak fills everyone with a sense of amazement and excitement. It’s is not just among the Seven Wonders of the World but is even a great hit among the tourists worldwide.
  • Lumbini: Known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, this place has its own importance in the lives of the people in Nepal. It is indeed a beautiful place to visit and if you are looking to witness and indulge in the religion and culture of Nepal this is a perfect place you just can't miss.
  • Pokhara: Situated under Mt. Annapurna, the Pokhara is a wonderful place blooming with immense beauty and youth. It is even termed as the Paradise City of Nepal. The Fewa Lake with Fishtail Mountain happens to be the most picturesque location out here.
  • Durbar Squares of the Three Royal Cities: As you start your trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu, it will take off from this point. Being the capital of Nepal, the city is easily accessible and all international flights land here. In the olden days, it used to be a part of the three royal cities until Kingship came to an end. As of now, this place is decked with beautiful palaces, temples and museums.

Explore the beauty of Nepal and get closer to Mother Nature and its beautiful wonders by booking a flight to Kathmandu!