NSW Tourism and JTG Joins Hands

NSW Tourism and JTG Joins hands to boost state tourism

New South Wales Tourism Department NSW Tourism and the JetsetTravelworld Group have joined the hands and have formed a Joint Venture to give NSW State tourism a boom. The news which was officially announced yesterday says that this deal is priced at AUD 4 million and is for two years from now. This deal will allow Destination NSW access to JTG’s wholesale and retail brands across the Australian domain.

“This deal will provide new opportunities and we are aiming to double the tourism expenditure by 2020 “said the minister for state travel.

Destination NSW executive confirmed the state tourism minister’s comment on the deal and further added that the new relationship will boost up the state business by allowing business to access Australian and New Zealand marketing campaigns. The newly formed partnership will help us in promoting the value and diversity if NSW said the JTG chief Mr. Peter.

Travels Associations of Australia have welcomed the deal

Most of Travel Associations of Australia have welcomed this deal and have expressed positive opinions regarding the deal. The Australian Federation of Travel Agent’s CEO Mr. Westbury called this deal as an endorsement of the Australian retail travel sector.

“This deal will give the travelers further better options when comes to packaged travelling because in the current scenario, customers want a cost effective deal without wasting time in finding  flights, hotels and tour destinations” he added.

The Australian travelers are already flying around the world, and many of them are already choosing competitive airfares and flying from Melbourne to Delhi on regular basis. So for such visitors, this opportunity will bring even a better chance in terms of tariffs of international flights.