Places to visit in London during the Olympics

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But did you know that apart from Olympic games, there is something more to do in London during Olympic? Yes, there is! There is a list of places you can visit during the games, there is a list of fun-full activities you can carry on during the games and there is, beyond all, ascetic history of the world famous of the London you can explore to! So why just take a breath in your hotel room in the off time when there is no game? Go out, look around and explore the London! Here's a list of things you can do during the London Olympics 2012.

Interested in exploring history? Here's something for you!

History and heritage lovers always find their way to the historic places and heritage sites around the city they are in! Be it London or be it Las Vegas, there's a long, ancient and heritage history that attracts and soak tourists from around the world. And the London is no exception! So if you are a history lover too, you've gotta reason to cheer in case your favorite athlete fails to win the gold in the Olympics! Go out, visit this historic places of London and feel the rich heritage of this modern yet ancient hub of the world!

Buckingham Palace:
The real and the royal identity of the historic London depicting rich and classic touch of the historic values of London, Buckingham Palace was built in 1702 and housed the Head of State during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Tower of London:
The Tower of London is not just a heritage site of the London but it is also a symbolic identity of the London. A historic castle situated on the bank of the river of the Thames, the tower attracts numerous visitors every year and leaves them stunned with its royal class structure.

Westminster Hall :
The oldest building on the Parliamentary estate, Westminster Hall is one of the most astonishing building in the London with so large size of construction. The Westminster Hall is marked by the imposing statue of Oliver Cromwell on the green.

Westminster Abbey:
Westminster Abbey is the ancient and heritage church in the city of London. A traditional place for coronation, State funerals, and the burial place of many kings and queens. The site is so popular that it welcomes almost one million of tourists every year.

Temple Church:
For those who love to visit religious heritage sites, Temple Church the place to be! Temple Church is one of the oldest churches and buildings in the London. Built by Knights Templar – a group of military monks who fought in the crusades.

And there is much more!
Apart from some of the most popular sites mentioned here, there are many other places to visit in the London including Banqueting House, 10 Downing Street, British Museum, Royal Opera House etc.