Puducherry - A Fine Blend of French, Indian and Cosmopolitan Culture

Puducherry, a town reflecting colonial architecture and cultural harmony is a popular tourist destination of South India.

One of the most unique places of India, Puducherry displays a fine blend of French, Indian and cosmopolitan culture. At a distance of 162 kilometres from Chennai, this town breathes the air of the Coromandle coast. Its highlights are the ancient churches, colonial buildings, statues, and Tamil style local architecture.

Christened as 'the Europe of India', the town is flocked by tourists from across the world. Its unique mix of cultural heritage gives it that distinctive ambience. This town should be on your wish list on your trip to India. Just book cheap flights to India for taking a tour of this fascinatingly popular south Indian destination.

Its a famous weekend destination with following landmark places:

Sri Aurobindo ashram: Founded by Sri Aurobindo, a renowned poet, freedom fighter, philosopher and Yogi, the place is for those who aim for spiritual salvation. Open to all between 8 am to 12 noon and from 2 to 6 pm, the place is perfect for yoga and meditation retreats. The building also has the samadhis of Sri Aurobindo and 'The Mother' who are reverred for great spiritual achievements.

Auroville: Fondly called as 'City of the Dawn' this town has been inhabitated by people of 35 countries to realise humanity and spiritual transformation. Designed by 'The Mother' the town has a huge golden globe called Matrimandir in its centre. To be at this amazing place, book cheaps flights to India and land up at a place of cultural harmony.

Chunnambar water sports centre: Made on the Chunnambar river, the place has facilities like boating, rides making it a popular tourist destination. The beautiful backwaters surrounded by lush greens this is one of the ideal places for photography.

The botanical gardens: To visit India's most fascinating botanical gardens, just go on a trip to Pondicherry. Brought to life in 1826 the gardens sport more than 1500 species of rare and interesting plants. To check out most amazing varieties of plants, plan a visit to this place while you book cheap flights to India.

Heritage walk: Taking a walk around the boulevard will give a glimpse of three different architectures in an area of 3-4 square kilometres. French square, Tamil square and Muslim square are the ways in which these are categorised.

To visit Puducherry, book cheap flights to India and get to know a perfect amalgamation of diverse cultures, architectures and life styles. There is a lot more to Puducherry, just drop in and check for yourself.