Say Goodbye to 2012 in London

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New Year means differently to different people. Some see it as the time to reflect upon the year gone by, while some see it as an opportunity to hang out with friends and family to wine, dine and dance. If you like to have a good time and always in for a memorable experience, you must celebrate this New year's eve in London. If you have never been to London before, here are some reasons why you must do it on New Year.
1.Enthralling Pyrotechnics at the Big Ben:
The arrival of New Year is heralded at the Big Ben. It is the name of the four faced clock on the Elizabeth Tower, situated at the north end of Westminster Palace in London. You can see a huge crowd waiting for the clock to hit twelve. As soon as the Big Ben hits twelve, people wish each other a happy new year and enjoy the display of mesmerising fireworks.
2.London Parade:
London Parade is the epitome of grandeur. This event dates back to 1st January 1987 when it took place for the first time. It started in a very humble way, but in yesteryears, it has evolved into the most talked about events of the world.
3.London Boat Parties:
Say goodbye to 2012 in style. You can spend a romantic evening with your partner on the River Thames with live music, food and drinks.
If you are a party animal, London has a lot to offer. London has popular nightclubs such as Market House, Brixton; Low, Soho and many more.
You can gift yourself and your family an unforgettable experience by planning New Year's Eve in London. Cheap Flights to London are available to ensure that your trip expenses are within your budget. You can contact us to know more about flights from Melbourne to London.
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