Tamilnadu: The Ancient Travel Hub

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Have you ever experienced the natural beauty of Southern part of India in a cultural way? If not then catch the Flights to Chennai now and explore and experience the natural beauty of this beautiful nation now.


Tamilnadu is located in the south part of the country. The awesome landslides, stunning sea beaches, and gorgeous greenery are enough to describe the beauty of this god gifted state of India. This ancient land of people who are generally known as Tamils dates back to thousand years from now. The state is full of Tempting Temples and hosts a number of Marvelous Monuments that are capable enough of leaving its visitor stunned!


So if you are planning to fly from Melbourne to Chennai or Sydney to Chennai, here’s useful set of information that will guide you through your visit and will make your trip a melodious trip.

Places to visit in Tamilnadu

•    Ooty – Hill Stations's Queen

Ooty – has many attractions such as Botanical Garden, St. Stephen’s Church etc. This wonderful hill station is perfect for you if you are planning to offload your tensions and want to have pleasant time

•    Marina Beach

Located in the heart area of Chennai, Marina Beach is covered with silver sand and is said to be the longest beach of India having length of almost 13 kms. The magic happens when sun comes down in the evening, the beach is blessed with bright and fair long ground hosting varied entertainment activities. The great thing is that this awesome beach has an aquarium where you can find some of most exotic collection of tropical fishes.

•    Arjuna’s Penance

Located in Mahaballipuram - a city somewhat 60 kms away from Chennai, Arjuna’s Penance is a world famous landmark for being bas-relief. This bas-relief is located on a rock with cleft. There is an ancient belief that there is a figure that is standing on one leg here. And this figure is said to be of Arjuna – the one of the most important character of Mahabharat epic. It is believed that Arjuna was standing here on one leg for very long time as a try to receive a boon from the lord Shiva. This is a fabulous and calm place which must be visited if you wish to give your trip a complete piece of mind!

•    Meenakshi Temple

The Meenakshi Temple of Tamilnadu is located in the ancient city of Tamilnadu – Madurai. This temple is said to be thousands year old and is one of the largest temples of India with the area under cover stands at almost 6 hectares having 12 gateways ranging from 45 to 50 meters in height. So if you are looking to fly to Tamilnadu, catch the Flight to Chennai and explore the unseen horizons of your life!


The list of the places to be visited in Tamilnadu includes just top places and there are a lot of other places to be visited which we are unable to include here in a single article, so we will be publishing information on those places in our upcoming articles.
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