Tempting Temples of India

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India is known as the country of god. And this is one of the nations of the world with most number of temples being located here. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous and most beautiful temples of this beautiful nation. If you are not going to these temples, you are sure to miss the real beauty of India! You can go to india by catching any Flights to Delhi or any other destination.

Temples of Khajuraho

Temples of Khajuraho are one of the most famous temples in India. These temples of khajuraho were remained unknown till the mughal rule and the british rule. Khajuraho’s temples are most graphic and erotic sculpture of india world has ever seen. These temples are unique in structure with wall paintings and some of them are build meters off the ground on the wall. Moreover, these temples are also known as world heritage site and attract a huge number of visitors.

Badrinath Temple – the art of India

Badrinath temple of india depicts the real art of Indian art culture. It is the main point and place of religious belief and trust of people of India. Apart from the religious importance, the Badrinath Temple attracts international tourists because of its beautiful structure. The temple is the fine piece of both religious beliefs and structural excellence mixed in it.  Badrinath Temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. (The preserver in the hindu trinity of Creator, Preserver and the Destroyer). The best attraction of this holy place is the Hot Spring known as Narada Kunda.

Tirupati Temple

The Richest Temple of India located in the city of tirupati of the Andhra Pradesh State. This temple is also known as Tirupati Balaji Temple and attracts thousands of tourists. Being located on the hills, pilgrims and visitors need to climb up to the hills to reach the temple. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Venketaswara. It is interesting to know that people drop bags of diamonds here and hence has become the richest temple of inida. The visit to india is incomplete without visiting this fabulous and richest temple!

Dwarkadhis Temple

Dwarkadhis Temple is one of the oldest temple of india which was built in around 16th century and is dedicated to Dwarkadhis – a form of Lord Krishna. The chief priest Maharaja Raj Singh - I had installed the idol in the year 1676. Located in Dwarka city of Gujarat State, this Dwarkadhis Temple attracts large number of devotees every day and is best place to be visited in Gujarat state. The five storied, 78 meters high temple is constructed with mostly limestone used for the construction. It has two entrances: One in the north side known as Gate of Salvation and the other gate leading to the main market of the city.

Lotus Temple: An example of Modern art and ancient trust.

Generally temples are known for their religious beliefs of people and the trust of people on the god residing in those temples. But the Lotus Temple of Delhi city is somewhat an exception to this trend! The Lotus Temple is Bahai’s House of worship and recalls the fine design of Opera House of Sydeny, Australia. Developed in the year of 1986, the lotus temple in delhi attracts thousands of visitors every day and has won a number of reputed awards for its extra ordinary sculpture.

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