Thamel in Kathmandu - the all-in-one toursit destination of Nepal!

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Nepal is a country of mysticism and has special charm which pulls seekers and travellers towards it. The country has attracted tourists since time immemorial. With lots of tourist destinations, the place just inflates with flood of visitors every year. A suburb of Kathmandu, Thamel fulfills all the tourist requirements and is undoubtedly the most happening place of Nepal.

A full wi-fi zone, Thamel keeps you connected with the extrenal world on your trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu. Apart from being technically sound,  this palce is a complete entertainment zone with places for shopping, eating, dining, night life, rejuvenation and more. Spas, restaurants, cafes, shopping markets and pubs makes Thamel an all-in-one tourist destination.

How Thamel is an absolute traveller's delight??

  • The suburb has Trekking-mountain shops, handicrafts shops, Thankas & art gallery, fashion and clothing lines, shopping malls, jewellery shops and more. A perfect tourist destination, you will get anything and everything you want on your trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu in Thamel.
  • With lot many hotels to stay, this place is a traveller's heaven. Offering accommodation, shopping, liverly nightlife and more this place simply impresses you with its characteristic features of enthralling Nepal. Again, everything here comes in budgeted rates making your trip an affordable one.
  • At a 15 to 20 minute walk from Kathmandu, this place with narrow streets oozes with life. Its night life is a fine combo of pubs with cosy ambience, vivid lights, paper lanterns, lodges and more. Also most of the tourist landmarks are within half an hour of Thamel. Thus, it is ideal to stay here on your trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu.

Commutation information about Thamel??

  • Its just at 7 kilometres drive from Nepal's one and only international airport. 
  • You can hop on bus or take taxi from the airport to reach Thamel. 
  • Hotels also offer complimentary pick up and drop off facilities. 
  • Renting motor bike to check out the nearby areas is the best option. 
  • Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Patan durbar square and other tourist attractions are just 15 minutes drive from here.

To sum up, Thamel is a facilitating place for tourists visiting Kathmandu. If you are travelling for the first time from Melbourne to Kathmandu then its advisable to stay in a place like Thamel to save on your budget and for the ease of commutation to landmarks of Kathmandu. What say??

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