Tips on trip to Los Angeles from Melbourne

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When you travel from one corner of the world to another, its better if you take some guidance. Like being an Australian when you are making a maiden visit to Los Angeles, tit bit information from here and there would help a great deal. Today let's have a look at the Dos and Don'ts of a trip from Melbourne to Los Angeles.
Firstly both these places are geographically different so, one must consider the climatic aspect during the travel. The city of L.A. is often termed as 'microclimate' showing extreme variations in temperature in physically nearby areas. The weather witnesses late spring and early summers leading to foggy skies in the morning while sunny afternoons. So, firstly select the optimum time for your trip from Melbourne to Los Angeles.
Summers are very hot here while early Spring and Autumn becomes very dry making it a really unbearable time. Rainfall here collides with winter and the environment becomes pleasant at this time. Moderate temperatures clubbed with clear skies are found in April and October. Thus, this is the best time to visit L.A. In these months, allocate at least a week for the trip from Melbourne to Los Angeles to see the best of this city of United States.
Well, giving more insight on Los Angeles, it is a highly populated plus ethnically diverse city of the United States of America. So, if you love exploring places with variety of people this city would be an ideal choice. With 80 districts and neighbourhoods L.A. has many enclaves and communities.  Places like the Harbor area, Wilshire, Greater Hollywood, the Westside and Crescenta valleys are some of the places to visit when you go from Melbourne to Los Angeles.
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Angels Flight, the Kodak theatre, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the angels, the Griffith Observatory, the Theme Building at LAX, Vincent Thomas Bridge etc. are some of the most visited landmarks of L.A. Visiting these places would be an experience of watching man made grandeur. So, put these in your list of 'must visit places in Los Angeles'.  You will have a great time visiting these landmarks on your trip from Melbourne to Los Angeles.
Now, about flight details! There is one weekly flight flying from Melbourne to Los Angeles. Delta, United and Lufthansa airlines provides these services. But, for a lighter budget check out for the airlines providing cheap flights to Los Angeles. At last, find the flight, book the tickets, be at L.A. and enjoy the vacation!
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