Tips To Save On Your New Year Holiday Trip To India

Long preparing for a lavish holiday to India, with luxury suites, lakeside villas, heritage hotels in mind. Nevertheless, giving up the idea due to a recent, unavoidable spending. Still, there is still a little hope, if you plan your journey properly and follow some tips, exclusive to India. In case, you execute everything as per the plan, you should have a great time in India with little to no compromises. Here are some of those tips to make your Indian trip less costly.

Book in Advance

New Year Holiday Trip TipsThe last minute decision always carries extra cost, no matter what. Flight bookings are not different either and usually last minute booking is going to cost you almost double the fare to what you’d be getting a few weeks ago. This scenario is not restricted to just to and from Australia flights, but domestic flights and hotel booking too.

To be on the lucky side, if you are booking few weeks in advance, then you could get some Cheap Flights to India.

Further, you cannot book flights and hotel in advance unless your trip is prearranged and executed. Therefore, planning is the key here and this is the best way to save a considerable amount of money to be spent on the rest of your journey.

Use a flight rate comparator

Booking in advance doesn’t mean, you’re already getting the best deal and there is no scope of further savings, you can still get a better deal by comparing the flight’s rate on your day of advance booking. There are many flight comparison sites and in addition, you can compare some of those sites for even Cheap Flights to India. Buddha Travels & Tours offers a user friendly, easy to use flight comparison platform putting leading domestic as well as international flights side by side for comparison. Moreover, you can also add hotels before checking out, taking the hassle of visiting another site for hotel booking.

Take a Midday Flight

Midday flights are inconvenient and waste precious sightseeing hours, and yes, they cut almost day out of your already limited holidays. However, on a tight budget this could avail you a greater availability of Cheap Flights to India than the rush hour of early morning or later in the evening. Rather, you can use the money saved by travelling at awkward time for auxiliary benefits on offer during the course of your stay, thus compensating for your compromise gap.

Choose a Holiday Package

Combination flight and hotel deals or holiday packages with multiple destinations and flights, offered by tour mediators and travel sites. Buddha Travels offers such tour packages in Australia itself with an option to book Cheap Flights to India with variety of Airlines, along with the option to choose many leading Indian hotels at the time of booking, saving up to 30% on the total fare by booking flights and hotels with same checkout.

Use trains for intercity and hire motorbikes for intercity travels

Indian Railways are the cheapest way to travel around India for people like you, on a tight budget. The Indian Railway offers train tour packages like the Bharat Darshan, targeted at Indian travellers on pilgrimage; Fairy Queen; and the Mahaparinirvan Express, for Buddhist travellers.

In addition, in small cities where local and public transport is not existent, hiring motorbike is a great idea. Generally, more fuel conscious than car, bikes are great movers for narrow lanes and rushed the streets of India, especially recommended if you want a closer look of a subsequent village or small town.

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