Travel to Nepal this March and Experience the real virtue of Nepal with its awesome Ghode Jatra Festival!

Ghode Jatra Festival 2015Standing against a demon is a great display of strength and determination, the people of Kathmandu has never shied away from demonstrating such amount of courage from time to time. The story of Tundi, a similar demon, that was killed and buried under Tundikhel Showground by the people of Kathmandu, is another such story that depicts the courage and strength of the people of Nepal.

Ghode Jatra, literally translating to “horse festival”, is a way of the people of Nepal to celebrate this feat in Tundikhel. Celebrated under the Showground of Tundikhel, exactly the same place where the demon was buried long time, Ghode Jatra is truly the celebration of victory, courage, and strength.

Today, Ghode Jatra has evolved into an international event that attracts a lot of people from around the world, every year. Celebrated every year between May/June, this year it’s going to take place on March 30, 2014. If a travel from Melbourne to Kathmandu were on your mind, but kept being delayed, then there would no better excuse than this festival to finally make it happen.

Every year during this festival, Nepal Army and Police together on the Showground organise and perform a horse parade. In addition, together they organises Horse races, cycle races and perform acrobatic shows. Later, following the parade, music, dance, and tasty foods accompany a cultural festival.
What can be more delighting to, finally, show your long awaiting trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu the day’s light with this festival!

Moreover, a cultural exhibition and a bike stunt event also make a part of this celebration. This festival is not short of big guests either. As you’ll find the presence of some big names, including the King and Queen of Nepal, themselves, as well as many delegates and high profile guests from many other nations. A mark of Nepal’s proficient horsemanship and jubilant festivities, Nepal Tourism recommends everyone visiting Nepal to attend this festival.

There is also a spiritual aspect of this festival. In addition to the parade, during this day, idols of the gods, Lumadi, Bhadrakali, Kankeshwari and Bhairav, of many localities are taken in a procession in a chariot (Rath) and are brought to Asan chok during the key celebration. This is the only time these gods met every year.

Altogether, taking part in the chariot’s way and eventually celebrating the once in a year meeting of the gods give rise to a grand celebration, which nobody wants to miss, another reason to put your postponed tour from Melbourne to Kathmandu on adrenaline.

Furthermore, the festival of Pahachare, within which Godhe Jatra falls, is also a great celebration of Newar Community to be a part of in a three-day celebration.