Travelling to Everest Region from Melbourne

Mount Everest is one of the famous sites of visit in Nepal widely known for being the tallest mountain peak around the world. The site has many beautiful sightseeing landscapes with a variety of animal’s habitat in the region. This makes Everest a prime location for people who love nature, wildlife, trekking and are interested in adventures and expedition.

In this region trekking is possible during all the months, but the best time to visit is from start of month march to mid may and from the start of month September to mid November. Trekkers' Information Management System (TIMS) which is situated in the Khumbu region is compulsory to visit, as provide the entire set of the information regarding the trekking to all the tourist.

For reaching the base expedition camp, tourist needs to fly to Lukla (2,860m) from Kathmandu, passing through Namche Bazaar.  At Lukla base camp, proper training is being provided to all the climbers for 4-8 weeks and during this session they are also made habitat with the altitude conditions of Everest regions. Thereafter with all climbing equipments, climbers reach base camp on the Khumbu Glacier to enjoy trekking on the peaks of mountains. Climbers then proceed to series of such base camps to enjoy the increasing levels of adventure.

These trekking camps observe a high level of safety.  Many rescue centres have been built near these base camps which also aid the climbers with their injuries and sickness. There are many hotels and restaurants located in Khumbu and many other base camp regions providing all the necessary facilities to tourists.

It’s necessary that you take out time to visit the Mount Everest if you are on a visit to Kathmandu city of Nepal. There are direct flights to Kathmandu from the Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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