Travelling to India- Know Indian Culture

For over a decade, India is more known for its IT and BPO industry; however, this country still remains one of the most traveled tourist destinations on world map. India is a country that everyone must visit. In spite of globalisation, India still values its idiosyncratic culture which is exotic and different from rest of the world.

Here are some tips that will help first time visitors a great deal to understand India's culture.


Unity in diversity is rightly said for India. This country is surprisingly diverse in terms of culture, food, clothing, language, climate, traditions etc. You will find many religions in India such as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Parsis etc. You will see extremely rich, extremely poor and also those who belong to the category that falls in between. India's multidimensional diversity is intriguing.

Flights and local transportation:-

Flights to India are not a concern. You can easily get tickets booked in cheap flights to Delhi, Flights to Chennai, Flights to Mumbai or Flights to Ahmedabad. There are low cost budget airlines such as Buddha travels which can plan an organised and comfortable tour for you at affordable prices. Taxis, Auto Rickshaws and Buses are transportation mediums. To avoid paying excessively, always ask for the tariff card which taxi and Auto Rickshaw drivers have to carry.


Indian hospitality is awesome. Foreigners get amazed by the treatment they get from Indians. “Guest is God” is what Indians believe in. Although their culture, do's and dont's are completely different than other countries, people love welcome guests open heartedly. Although you might also come across people who would try to rip you off by charging extra money, you must never judge that all indians are like that.

Public place behaviour and gender etiquette:-

India's customs are quite different from Australia. Wrapping arms around shoulders of the same sex is not considered the way it is in cultures outside India, infact it is deemed as a friendly gesture. People of opposite sex avoid any physical contact in public, even couples. Although, modern India is quite ok with handshakes or hugs in public, it is advised to greet women with hands folded together which is a gesture of respect.

Food and restaurants:-

Indian food is delightful and delectable and you must try it. Although, it is more spicy than western food, it is delicious. You can ask for mild stuff. Restaurant food may differ from Indian food, both in terms of quality and taste. Modern Indian homes have dining tables, yet don't be surprised if you see people eating in traditional way. Many families still prefer eating sitting crossed legs on the floor. Quality of water can be a concern for you during your sojourn. If you have a delicate stomach, it is recommended to drink packaged mineral water which is easily available in India.