Visit Puskhar's Fair 2011

Realize the Royal Heritage of Rural India!

Pushkar’s fair of India (known as “Pushkar Mela” in India), is the India’s prominent and fabulous cultural fair organized and celebrated annually in the small city named Pushkar located near Ajmer city in the Rajasthan state of Western India. The main attraction of the Pushkar Fair is the Camel Fair in which the camels are decorated in fancy yet cultural clothes. The camels then are brought to the public in the fair for parade and then they are put into beauty contests and race. The camels are also traded in the fair. The fair is also called as Pushkar Camel Fair. The Pushkar Fair 2011 will be held between 2nd November 2011 and 10th November 2011.

Rituals in the fair

The Pushkar Fair in its originality is a religious fair but, with the high flow of international tourists from all around the world getting attracted to the fair, it has now become a more general fair instead of just a religious fair, though however there are still original rituals which are performed in the fair. The rituals are as follow:
• Pilgrims come to this festival to bathe in the holy waters of Pushkar's lake and be absolved of their sins.
• The two days around the full moon are considered to be the most auspicious time of the year for bathing in the lake. Those who bathe on the day of the full moon are said to receive special blessings.
• Apart from these rituals, as said above, you will also see camel parade, camel race and came beauty contest in the fair.

Other Attractions at the Fair

There are many other attractions at the event, for example, to make your fair visit more fabulous and memorable; you have an option to see the camel fair from a Hot Air Balloon.  But for that you have to pay some fees, if you want to know the fees and the procedure on how to get to the Hot Air Balloon to see the Camel Fair, you may contact SkyWaltz, the company that offers Hot Air Balloon trip at Pushkar Fair.

Accommodation at the Puskhar’s Fair

The organizers of the event are taking due steps to accommodate the tourists at the fair. As a tourist, you will be available with accommodations options that include simple guest houses, desert tents, heritage hotels, and farm houses. The charges vary from option to option.

How to reach to Pushkar?

No matter whether you are in Sydney or in Melbourne or any other part of Australia, the simplest way to reach to Pushkar is by catching Flights to Ahmedabad or Flights to Mumbai. If you also love to visit the Taj Mahal, you may fly from Melbourne to Delhi also!!!