Want to visit India? Watch out for the climate!

India is a huge country which goes through dramatic climatic changes. The beautiful place has won many accolades in the realm of tourism and is visited by the plethora of tourists every year. But, before visiting it you must check its climatic condition to avoid any hindrances during your trip. Climate is superlatively different with north being snow clad while the south sports down pours as a common site.
Categorically the weather in India is divided into three seasons - summer, winter and monsoon. And when you travel from a cold place like Melbourne then winter is the ideal time to visit India. Summers heat up to 40 degrees here and stretches from the month of March to May while monsoon shows its full bloom  from June to October and winter casts chills from November to February.

Booking cheap flights to India in the months of winter would be the most optimal solution. If your schedule permits time only in other seasons then choose places accordingly. In summers, you should visit hilly destinations which remain cool and beautiful. Visits to wild life sanctuaries and national parks can be enjoyed the most in summers.

Monsoon time is uneven in India as eastern portion receives rains after November while west faces it  from June. One of the finest destination to visit here in monsoon is Ladakh which is snow cladded and picturesque. Goa, Kerala are other famed places to be visited during monsoons. Booking cheap flights to India at this time can make you visit heart warming places and the enjoy the cooler climate.

For people from Australia, winters are perfect and they can enjoy the beaches in India. Goa, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Himalayas are the places to go. Trekkers should unforgettably book cheap flights to India in winter season to explore the mighty Himalayan treks and have an adventure of a life time. This fascinating country offers a lot to travel, you just have to make yourself available.

To sum up, the climates of India can be tricky to deal with and at times a blessing for travel. The only thing is that you have to select the destinations meticulously. Check some travel agencies which can guide you on this. Starting from booking tickets to travel information everything can be planned without any flaws. So, this vacation choose India as your holiday place and get ready to bedazzled!