Why visit Nepal in October and November ?

Nepal – the god’s valley on the earth is an exotic country of the South East Asian continent. The god created beautiful mountain valley and ancient old temples of the then ruled kings are main attractions of the Nepal.

Why to visit during October and November?

As a traveler, you can visit Nepal and its beautifully created city Kathmandu anytime around the year but though the best time to visit this gorgeous place is October. The October and November months are considered as best month to visit the place because around this time, monsoon will have seen an end and the atmosphere will be quiet sunny and pleasant! Not just this, the best part of the country’s culture will also be in full swing on the street and on the public minds during this time in the country because many major festivals of the Nepal fall during these months. Festivals like Dashain and Tihar will be celebrated during the month of October or November and so you will have full joy and pleasure of having the cultural values explored around the country during this time.

Some more Reasons

Apart from religious festival and cultured atmosphere during these months in the valley of Nepal, there are some more reasons to explore the beauty of this god created country. One of the most important reason and deciding factor is the green lush and pleasant atmosphere of the Kathmandu Valley during the month of October and November.

Months of October and November, are the starting of sunny weather and season, and are generally perfect time frame to visit the country for a number of reasons. Main reason is that the monsoon season is just over in the Nepal during this time and so the weather is quiet sunny and impressive. Not just this, the fresh sun that rises after rainy season makes the valley much greener and more gorgeous! And it gives the valley a green lush look! During this time, the air in the atmosphere is also found to be very fresh and this makes your feeling fresh and makes you breadth fresh which ultimately makes you much younger and healthier!

Furthermore the weather is still balmy, neither too hot nor too cold. For obvious reasons , this is also the peak tourist season.
So take flights to kathmandu and enjoy the trip at its best in these months.

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