Wonderful Waterfalls of India: A must see!

India! The name is enough to speak its beauty, its culture, its discipline and its love for the travelers! India is such a cultural rich country that possesses a large number of god gifted natural beauty that could stun you at first glance!

So if you are planning to visit india and want to have a look at the beauty of its god created master pieces of extreme beauty, you can’t miss the ever crowded waterfall of india which are listed below.

It’s all about Nature and the Beauty

Wonderful waterfall of india are created naturally centuries ago and have been a favorite place for the travelers around the world. Some most famous waterfall of india are:

Hogenakkal Waterfall

Probably one of the most stunning waterfalls of india – Hogenakkal Waterfall is located in the southern part of India. This awesome waterfall is on the border of Tamilnadu and Karnataka state in the south india and is on the bank of river of kaveri. The most important aspect of this beautiful waterfall is that it is believed that if you take a bath in the water of this waterfall, then it will benefit you in terms of your health. It is so because there are a large number of herbal plants around the waterfall area which are considered to be full of healthy vitamins. Another big point for the popularity of this waterfall is its thrilling thunder sound which is created when water falls from about 20 meters of the height. To visit this beautiful waterfall, you can go to nearby Chennai city by taking flights to chennai

Umbrella Waterfall

AS the name suggests, this awesome umbrella shaped waterfall is the real beauty of the western India. Located near the Ahmednagar city of Maharashtra state, this beautiful waterfall is capable of giving you complete peace of mind when you set first look on it! What’s more the best thing is that as it is located in the state of Maharastra, you can easily reach there by catching flights to mumbai. Even better thi9ng is that it has a bridge built over its base, so you can walk over it and can feel the waterfall with so much nearer view!

Papanasam Waterfall

Another great and beautiful waterfall in Tamilnadu! It is situated on the bank of river of Tamravarni. This gorgeous waterfall holds a special place in the heart of billions of hindus of India as it has its own religious significance. The water of this papanasam waterfall is considered to be very holy by hindus and hence the place has turned to be a religious and pilgrimage site from a tourist spot.

Koli Hills Waterfalls

There are a number of waterfalls in India which are tourist spot for whole year and are ideal to visit at any time during the year. The Koli hills of the Eastern Ghats are such a place that can be visited around the year any time. This awesome waterfall is also known as Akash Gangai waterfall in Indian language meaning Ganges of the sky. The hills are located somewhat 80 KMs away from trichipalli in Tamilnadu, the southern part of Iwndia.